Setting up your email signature


This tool will allow you to create your official SMC email signature, ensuring that the design stays consistent with the school’s brand narrative. From time to time, you may be requested to update your signature and you can rinse and repeat the process at the following address.



Creating the Signature

To access the signature creation tool:

-open Google Chrome – (Please note: Other web browsers currently do not work with this tool) -type signature/ into the top URL field and hit enter.


You should get the following screen, fill in all relevant details:

As you fill in the form, the signature will automatically update below, once complete: -click on the select signature button
-copy the highlighted text (with ctrl + c or right click on the text and choose copy)


Adding the signature to outlook

To add your new signature to outlook:
-Open the Outlook client on your staff device or desktop
-Create a new mail
-Choose Signature from the top toolbar and select Signatures... (shown below) 


From the Signatures and Stationery window: -Create a New signature

-Paste your signature into the empty field at the bottom of the window -Save your signature


You will now have your new signature available.

If you wish to automatically have your signature applied on any new mail, select your new signature from the “New messages” drop down list and click “OK” 


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance at


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