Installing \ Opening Adobe Creative Cloud Products

Firstly, we want to access the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.

This can be found on your desktop or from the start menu, as shown below



If the Adobe Creative Cloud app is not available, it can be found in the Software Center (for school managed devices) or for those in the BYOD program, it can be found here:

Note that those using BYOD should have received an Adobe email with a link to the app already if they are eligible.

Once you've opened the Adobe Creative Cloud app, you'll need to choose "Sign in with an Enterprise ID"



The login screen should change to the one below, type in your email address and you should get the option to choose from an Adobe ID or an Enterprise ID.

Choose Enterprise ID




You will be then redirected to the Enterprise ID sign in screen

Enter your email address, then your password



You should now be signed in the Adobe Creative Cloud app, from here you can choose to Install, update or Launch any supported Adobe products




Restricted Access

If you're not able to get into an Adobe application, or have restricted access to features, first try signing out of the Adobe Creative Cloud app, and signing back in with the Enterprise ID - as shown above.

If you are still having issues with the application, please come see the IT department office for assistance.

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