Google Print Setup

Click on the above link to install the BYOD Printer into your Google Account.
*This must be done once only prior to printing for the first time.


*IMPORTANT* - You must sign in with your St Mary's College email account, if it shows you a personal account (gmail, yahoo etc), then you will first need to sign out of that account and try the top link again


BYOD Printing
1. Bookmark this site:
2. Access the above site when needing to print.
3. You will need to sign in using school email and network password.
4. Click ‘print’ in window below:
5. Select the ‘print’ button, select ‘Upload file to print’.
6. Navigate to where the file has been saved.
7. Select BYOD printer from the options:
8. This will activate the window that will enable you to decide whether you want b/w, colour, duplex etc.
9. When you have selected the type of print required, hit ‘print’.
10. Go to any photocopier in the College and release the job.

An alternative to printing via the Internet Browser as above (instructions 1-9)
1. Go online to the Cloud Print Website
2. On the left-hand side select ‘Google Cloud Print Home’ as below:
3. Select “See more Apps”
4. Scroll down to the appropriate operating system:
5. Install Google Cloud Print Windows Driver
*This adds Google Cloud Printer as a printing option to your list of printers.

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