Creating an Event Booking

Please Note: Bookings for St Patrick's Church must be made through the Peter Channing or Renee Irvine via email

The Event Booking tile on the Seqta Welcome Page will take you to the Skedda Logon Page. Log in with the credentials you have created through the invitation link and tick remember me.
If you are unable to log in, please try the 'Reset Login now' link




To view existing bookings


Select the venue from Spaces in the top right (Veritas Centre has all its spaces grouped in a single view)




Select grid for a more complete view of existing bookings





To make a new booking


Click on the green + in the bottom right corner




From here, you will enter all your booking details, there a a few things you should be aware of before confirming:

  • Make sure to leave the booking type as User Booking
  • Complete Booking Title with summary of booking e.g Year 9 Parent Evening
  • The "holder" field should be you, unless you are making this booking on behalf on another staff member
  • Fill in the relevant Custom Field if ICT\AV or Maintenance set up is required
  • Leave the notes field blank

Example below:





Once you have made a booking


  • You will receive a Booking Confirmation email which gives details of the booking
  • Your booking will create a Calendar Entry on Internal Events Calendar (When you click on the calendar entry it will also give you booking details)
  • Filling in the ICT Field(s) will generate a ICT Helpdesk ticket – you will receive Notification of this (No need to reply or do anything with this)
  • Filling in the Maintenance field will generate a task email to Maintenance
  • Filling in the AV/IT Field for CPA will generate a task email to Jim Deslandes
  • YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BOOK A SPACE WHERE THERE IS AN EXISTING BOOKING – It is possible for you to negotiate with the existing booker – they can cancel their booking which will free up the space for you to book. Cancellation will generate a Notification Email


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