Guest Wi-Fi for External Users

St Mary's College has a Guest Wi-Fi connection available for users that aren't St Mary's Staff and Students.

However, it is only available on request.

If you are looking for Wi-Fi access for St Mary's Staff or Students, please check Connecting to St Mary's Wi-Fi on your BYOD


Preparing a Guest Wi-Fi account:

Contact the St Mary's College IT Helpdesk via a support ticketrequesting when the Guest Wi-Fi will be required, who will be using it, and for how long.

We will then supply you with a Username and Password for the guest to use.


Connecting the Guest to Wi-Fi

When the guest is ready to connect to Wi-Fi, they will choose the SMC-Guest Wi-Fi from available networks


This will bring up a browser window asking for the guest username and password:


After pressing Submit the guest user will now have internet access through our Guest Wi-Fi

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