How to print using the Express print option at SMC from your device

Mobility printing allows students and staff to print from their BYOD.

This also allows for the collection of secure \ private documents as the print jobs will not happen until the user signs into a photocopier.


Download and install the print client:

First, choose which operating system your device uses, you will be taken to a step by step guide for printing setup:






During the setup, you will be asked which printer you want to add,

Choose the Express Print option.

After this, you will be asked for your St Mary's College username and password

MAC USERS NOTE: When asked for your username and password, make sure you enter your SMC username, by default, the username will already be filled in with your Apple ID \ Laptop username



This will complete the setup.



Choosing Express Print will send the print job to a print queue, which allows you to go up to any photocopier in St Mary's College, and sign in to release the print job.

You can sign in using your ID Card, your PaperCut ID Number, or your SMC Username and Password

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