Advanced Print setup for MacOS Devices

Please Note:
If you have installed the express print option prior to Term 1, 2021, you will need to remove the old queue first:


-Go to your System Preferences and select "Printers & Scanners"

-From here you should see a list of installed printers, if "Express Print" is one of them, click on it and then clock on the minus icon (-) at the bottom of the list


Advanced Print allows you to utilise all functionalities of the Sharp copiers at SMC, to install the Advanced Print option on MacOS devices, follow these steps:


Click on this link to download the package that will install the Advanced Printer for you.

This will appear in your downloads, which can be found in the bottom right corner of your dock,mceclip0.png

or through Findermceclip1.png

Double click the download, then go the new Location 'MX-C55' in Finder (or on your desktop) as below:


Double click on the package (MX-C55) inside.mceclip3.png

Follow all the prompts (agree \ continue \ install), you may also be asked for your laptop username and password to allow the install.

Once the install is complete, go to System Preferences, then Printers & Scanners



From here, choose to add a printer with the + in the bottom left corner


From the Add menu, right click on the empty space next to the "windows" printer and choose "Customise Toolbar"mceclip4.png


Now drag the "Advanced" icon into the empty space as shown below:mceclip5.png


Click done, then choose the new "Advanced" option


For "Type", select Windows printer via spoolss

For "URL", type in smb://

For "Name", type in Advanced Printer

For "Use", choose Select Software, then SHARP MX-6071 PPD

When completed, it should look like below:mceclip0.png

Click Add then fill in the next window as shown below:mceclip7.png

Input Tray Options: Four Trays

Large Capacity Tray: Not Installed

Output Tray Options: Saddle Stitch Finisher

Punch Module: Not Installed

Job Separator: Not Installed

Right Tray: Installed

Data Security Kit: Not Installed


Click Ok and the Advanced Printing option will now be available


When in the print Menu - you can go to your extra features by clicking on Copies & Pages and then choosing the relevant option, such as Layout / Finishmceclip1.png

After sending a job to Advanced Print, you can release the job by signing into any supported photocopier.

Note that you will need to sign into a copier that has the features you chose.


For assistance with any of these steps, please see the IT Dept.

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