How to send FAX at SMC

Our SMC virtual Fax service is designed to replace fax services located at copiers across the college using Outlook to send and receive SMC faxes. 

Before you begin to Fax, make sure your documentation supports the following: Portrait A4 or smaller PDF, JPEG, Postscript and Tiff attachment formats (MS Word documents are not compatible).

Next, create a new email message in Outlook and in the address field, begin typing the number you which to Fax to, followed by as per these examples:

Fill in the subject field as required and attach your document (supported file as above) to the email.

Complete the process by clicking send.

You will receive a confirmation email that your fax has been sent successfully.

Please note that only authorised staff can send faxes. Should you require the ability, please contact ICT Support.




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