Converting Videos with HandBrake

Video conversion is often done for these reasons:

  • To change to a supported filetype
  • To lower the size of your video \ optimise for web use

First, download the App and install it.

Windows Download

Mac Download

For assistance with this, visit Installing Programs and Apps on your own device



Once installed, open the HandBrake app from your Start Menu (Windows) or Launchpad (Mac)

You should see the following screen:


From here, drag either a single Video you want to convert or a folder containing multiple Videos you want to convert into the drag space.


Click Browse to determine where you will save the converted video and what it will be called,

Then confirm the format you want to save the video as (the default choice of MP4 will work for most)

Lastly, click Start Encode to begin the conversion process.


At the bottom-left corner of the window you will see a progress bar, once this is complete, you will find the converted video in the location you specified with browse.

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