Changing your St Mary's College Account Password

This article explains how to change passwords yourself for your St Mary's Account:


Please note that you do need to know your current password to change it - If you do not know your current password you may request a temporary password from the IT dept.


First, go to the Microsoft Office Home page:


From here, sign in with your St Mary's College account and password

Once signed in, click on your name in the top right corner and choose View account 



From here, you can now choose the Password tile to change your password



Enter your old (or temporary) password, then your new password twice.



Passwords chosen must:

  • Be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length
  • Contain at least one (1) character from three (3) of the following categories:
        Uppercase letter (A-Z)
        Lowercase letter (a-z)
        Digit (0-9)
        Special character (~`!@#$%^&*()+=_-{}[]\|:;”’?/<>,.)

Passwords chosen must not:

  •  Contain a common proper name, login ID, email address, initials, first, middle or last name 
  •  Reuse any of your last 5 previous password


REMEMBER: A LONG password will always be more secure than a SHORT, RANDOM password

If a long password is hard to remember, try making it a phrase, saying or lyric that you're familiar with


Once you have clicked submit your new password will be applied


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