New Username and Account Checklist - Windows Users

With your new Username and Account now live, you may find that some services are no longer working like they used to - to prevent any issues, we suggest signing out \ resetting anything that was using your old details.




Before we can enter your new details here, we will "forget" the existing WiFi connection.

Go to your WiFi settings in the bottom right corner and choose "Network & Internet Settings"

From here, choose "WiFi" on the left side, then "Manage known networks" from the middle section

You should see a list of WiFi networks that you have connected to - choose and "SMC-" ones from the list and select "Forget"

You can now close these windows and try connecting to SMC-Staff again - this time it will ask you for your new firstname.lastname username and your existing password.




The resolve any printing issues, we will remove and re-add any printers you had installed.

To remove a printer, go to your Printers & Scanners - you can search for this from the start menu in the bottom left corner of your screen


Click on the Express\Advanced Print and select "Remove Device

With these printers removed, you can follow the usual process to reinstall printers, except this time, using your new username

Express Print setup for Windows Devices

Advanced Print setup for Windows Devices


Microsoft Account

Your Microsoft account is used for a number of Apps on your device - thankfully, you should only need to change your account on one of them for it to update them all.

In this example, we will use MS Word.


With Word open, click on your name in the top right corner and choose "Sign Out"

Once you have signed out, you can simply sign back in, but this time using your address.

The only other MS app you may need to check is OneNote:



You may find that any notebooks associated with your old account are no longer syncing.

This can easily be resolved, but may take an extra step if you have been adding content to a non-syncing notebook

It's also worth noting that these steps may not work for the 2016 version of the one note App


To resolve when no work has been added since the sync stopped:

Close any notebooks that aren't syncing (they will have a triangle icon with ! indicating so)

Reopen those notebooks again by clicking File>Open Notebook and navigating to where your notebook is saved.

To resolve when when you have been working on notebooks that arent syncing:

Click File>Open Notebook and navigate to where your notebook is saved. Opening it now will create a duplicate notebook that will be syncing.

Copy any new work from the notebook that isn't syncing, to the new duplicate one

Once this is done, Close the old notebook that isn't syncing.


Please feel free to pop by the IT office if you'd like assistance with these steps



Fonts & Adobe Applications

You may notice that your Montserrat font is missing after this update, or that you no longer have access to any Adobe products you were using.

Try opening your Adobe Creative Cloud app, which you can find by searching from your start menu in the bottom left corner of your screen


Once open, you need to click the circle in the top right corner, sign out, then sign back in with your new address


Your Adobe apps and any additional fonts should now be active again.

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