MS Teams can be accessed from both Online, and a Desktop App.


Online Access

If you urgently need Teams access, accessing the Online version is recommended as no installation is required:


First, in your web browser (Edge, Safari, Chrome), visit




From here click on Sign in, which will prompt you for your St Mary's College email\account, followed by your St Mar's College Password




Once you have signed in, look for the Teams app on the list of icons on the left side of your window




You may be prompted to download the app version here, if you have the time, its definitely worth doing so now - but if you require access to teams immediately, click on "Use the web app instead"




You will now be in the home page for Teams. If you believe you are missing a particular team, contact the owner\teacher that can give you access.


Desktop Access

Follow the same steps as above until prompted get the windows\mac app

Click on get the windows\mac app to start a download of the MS Teams installer


If you aren't prompted to get the app, you can also download the installer from the teams home page.

Click in the 3 dots in the top right corner to bring down a small menu

- from here choose Download the desktop app




Once the download has finished, run the installer from your downloads folder, and follow the prompts to complete the installation of the Teams app


When installed, Teams can now be accessed from the Start Menu (Windows devices) or the Launchpad (MacOS devices)

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