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  • Getting your BYO device ready for school: Intune

    MacOS version

    Instructions in below guided videos will show you how to enrol your BYO MacOS device into Microsoft Intune for education. 

    Before you start, please have ready the SMC email address and password that has been supplied to you. If you do not have this information, you will not be able to successfully complete the installation. 

    You may find some of the screens look different to the ones provided here if you have an older version of MacOS or there are changes made to Intune.


    Please note following essential applications will be automatically installed to your device upon enrolling your device:

    1. Microsoft Office suite  

    2. Microsoft Edge web browser

    3. SEQTA - Student web link

    4. SMC OneDrive


    Adding printer:



    Common FAQs:


    1. What happens if there is an error during device enrolment?

    A: Please have your device restarted and follow the steps again to start the enrolment process.


    2. Do I need to install and activate Microsoft Office suite?

    A: MS office suite is automatically installed with the latest version and will be linked to your SMC email address.


    3. How do I setup my One drive?

    A: You will need to sign-in to OneDrive app (its covered in the video)


    4. How long does the process takes?

    A: Please allow at least 20-30mins to complete the full process.


    5. My enrolment continues to fails and unable to get through?

    A: Please reach out to IT team via helpdesk@stmarys.sa.edu.au






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