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We have identified the need to streamline usernames across all ICT systems used in the college. Therefore, usernames of all students with old usernames will be updated to follow one standard pattern. i.e. - 'firstname.lastname'  and there will be no change to the current passwords.


Why is it changing?

Having a standard identity will:

  • Enable effective access to numerous systems for dynamic user base
  • Control and secure access to all users’ devices and existing/future applications
  • Keep identities secure and reduce help-desk calls

Who will be affected?

Please refer to list of students here

When is my username updated?

If you're in the above list, you will be notified prior to the change either via SEQTA  or by the classroom teacher.


What happens when the username is updated? and what's changed?

First thing you'll notice while in the college is that you'll be disconnected from Wi-Fi.  It's important to understand that your new username will need to be entered as 'firstname.lastname'  (e.g. John.Doe) while accessing following key services/functions:

  • Access to college Wi-Fi (smc-student)

Step 1: You may need to clear existing credentials from Wi-Fi by forgetting the SMC-Student network, please refer to guided details here

Step 2: Enter your updated username which would be just firstname.lastname (without followed by your current password.

  • Access to college Emails / Adobe creative cloud

Please note your college email address will be changed to

To access email / Adobe, please ensure your username is followed by your current password.

Note: Your old email address ( will continue work as an alias

  • Access to SEQTA Learn

Your updated username would be just firstname.lastname (without followed by your current password.

  • Access to printing

Step 1: Please follow 2-step guided process from SEQTA welcome page> express print page to install your printer first. This process should install a printer called - ' Express Print - Adelaide Mobility'


Step 2: When you print for the first time, you'll be prompted to enter your username - firstname.lastname (without followed by your current password to authenticate with the printing system. This is a once-off requirement.


Please reach out to IT helpdesk in-person or via if you still have issues getting through to any system.



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