Using the Clickview app on Apple TV's (Both Windows and Mac users)

You are now able to cast directly to the clickview app on your classroom Apple TV, leaving your laptop free to use while the video is playing.


1. Using your Apple TV remote, press MENU, this will automatically turn on the TV and take you to the correct source.
Your Apple TV remote should be in its charging caddy on the wall beside your TV.




2. Using the touchpad above the menu button on your Apple TV remote, navigate to the Clickview App on the TV - as shown below.




3. Click the touchpad on the Apple TV remote to open the Clickview app - you are now ready to cast




4. From your laptop \ mobile device, log into clickview and find the video you want to play, from the video player, select the icon shown below to choose your TV:




5. Your room should appear online and the "Play on device" option will be available, click on that, and the video begin playing on your TV.





6. Remember to leave the tab open thats playing the video, but you may leave it running in the background while you use your laptop.

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